Marriage News

March 9, 2010 at 3:01 pm (Uncategorized) ()

My MIL called my cell phone 3x yesterday during work hours. After she proceeded to call my work phone, I figured it might be something important. Don’t get me wrong I like my MIL its just she tends to be a bit long winded and quite frankly -as of late- I haven’t been much of a phone person.

So I answered the phone figuring that she is going to tell me some sort of momumental news – someone has died, she is pregnant… And what she tells me is that my SIL has set her wedding date. She will be getting married in May by the JOP. And my response is “Good for her.” And I feel sort of blahzah about the whole thing and I genuinely feel bad about it.

I’m just not close to my SIL like I would like to be. I see her two times a year – at Christmas and Miss A’s birthday. We don’t talk on the phone or email. I know her birthday but only because I’m good with dates.

So congrats SIL! I hope we get a phone call telling us you are married or something.


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