March 10, 2010 at 7:31 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I have a deep sadness in me. Last night I found out that Miss A stole something from my mom…

This isn’t the first time she has stolen something. The first time it was chicken nuggets from my best friend’s son. The next it was make up from my husband’s mom. Then this weekend we found out that she took a rare book from a friend of our’s house. And as I recounted the story to my parents they let me in on the secret they kept from me for the last few months – that she stole a $300 necklace from my mother too…

From my parents… The people who welcpmed her in with no questions. Who love her uncondionally like I do. Who would do almost anything for her, just like me… I am so hurt and ashamed. I feel like I hae doe them wrong. Like I have stolen from them.

What am I to do? How can I trust her? How can I take her any where anymore? I love her with all my heart but I am not doing her justice as a person. She is not learning from me. All she does is lie anymore. And she is failing at school. She does not care about anything… You should have seen it when we confronted her about stealing from my mom she was void of everything. No emotion…

I am lost. What am I to do with my little girl…


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