When it rains…

March 12, 2010 at 9:55 pm (Uncategorized)

… It really does pour. So the week started off with news of Miss A stealing the rare collectable book from friends of ours. From there we add the news that she stole from my parents. And then last night I go to turn in her GS cookie money and we are over $40 short. And when I go home to check to see if we do by some miracle have $78 worth of cookies at the house it turns out that a box of thin mints is missing. A box of thin mints that were definitely there a week ago. And when we question the most likely culprit she denies that she had anything to do with the cookies….

But alas the cookies aren’t even the worse of my problems. The biggest problem I am now facing I now the fact that I got a nice email from the Payroll department from work and my pay for the next two pay periods is going to be garnished. Yep. I am an official loser. I have hit the bottom of the barrel. At least that is what I feel like. I know there are plently of others who have had their wages garnished before – hell I even think my dad has, it just seems like I can’t catch a break….

As the famous Miss Gretchen Wilson says “When it rains, I pour…” and I think that is going to be my motto for this evening.


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